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For karyotype see subfamily Cheirogaleinae.

Anatomical characters

-General characteristics
Concerning shape and color, Allocebus resembles Microcebus murinus. However some other external characters give it a different aspect: the tail is clearly longer and the hind legs are more developed, the muzzle is longer and rounder at the end, whereas with Microcebus it is short and more pointed.
Hands and feet are larger than Microcebus. Finally, its most striking feature is the tuffs of long hair that decorate the base of the ears.

-Skull and dentition
See tab 'Extra' of genus Allocebus in the 'Higher Taxa' module.

Eco-physiological characters

-Reproduction (Albignac et al., 1991)
At the beginning of the warm season starting in September - October, the testicles of the male become more and more visible. A series of copulations have been observed at the beginning of March 1990. During four days preceding the first coitus, a long phase of excitement of the male and the female was noticed, characterized by more frequent contacts followed by more intense mutual and individual grooming. Initially, it was the male, which tried to arouse the female by licking her entire body.
On the fourth day the first coitus took place. Before this coitus, mutual grooming at the back of the neck was well noticeable for 2 to 3 minutes. After that they mated quite quickly.