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Organizations involved with Lemurs, Lorises, or Madagascar Conservation
  • Madagascar Wildlife Conservation is a malagasy non-profit association, which aims at providing an information platform on ongoing conservation and humanitarian work in Madagascar. MWCs ultimate scope is to facilitate the dataflow of information about Madagascar, to improve activities, to give new conservvation inputs, to help to protect the high degree of endemism of animal and plant species, to enable a sustainable natural habitat for future generations of humans, animals and plants of Madagascar.
  • Parcs et Reserves de Madagascar, Le site officiel des Parcs Nationaux et Reserves Naturelles de Madagascar.
    The official site of the National Parcs and Nature Reserves of Madagascar. (in french)
  • Primate Conservation, Inc., (PCI) is an all volunteer not for profit foundation [501(c)(3)] dedicated to studying,  preserving and maintaining the habitats of the least known and most endangered primates in the world. Over 100 species, approaching half of all primates, are threatened or endangered. The tropical forests where most primates live are disappearing at an alarming rate.
    Noel Rowe, author of The Pictorial Guide to the Living Primates, founded PCI in 1992 after witnessing the destruction of a lowland forest in Madagascar
  • American Zoological and Aquarium Association's (AZA) Madagascar Fauna Group is an international consortium of zoological institutions concerned with the conservation of all classes of Malagasy fauna, particularly those whose populations are falling below viable minimums.
  • Wildlife Preservation Trust International This is the American branch of the late Gerald Durrell's Group with its Zoo on the Isle of Jersey, England. The WPTI is fairly active in funding conservation projects in Madagascar.
  • Conservation International CI is actively involved in many aspects of conservation in Madagascar. Two of their more outstanding accomplishments are the use of debt-for-nature swaps and the publication of the excellent Lemurs of Madagascar field guide.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the more active groups engaged in conservation efforts in Madagascar. It's WWW site has
  • The Wildlife Conservation Society (headquartered at the Bronx Zoo) has several research and conservation projects in Madagascar. (Look in "Field conservation projects at the site"):
    • Masoala National Park management and community forest zone management (WCS/CARE/ANGAP/DEF/Peregrine Fund/Stanford Center for Conservation Biology/USAID) -- Claire Kremen, Philip Guillery, Vincent Razafimahatratra, Matthew Hatchwell.
    • Phylogenetic relationships of the four endemic tortoises of Madagascar -- George Amato, John Behler, Adalgisa Caccon.
    • Biodiversity inventory and professional training -- Claire Kremen, Vincent Razafimahatratra
    • Ruffed lemur taxonomy and conservation (WCS/AMNH) -- Hilary Simons Morland, George Amato, Rob de Salle
  • California-Madagascar Alliance - This is a small group of folks in the S.F. Bay area looking for small projects to support. The current focus is on a solar cooker project. For more information, contact Edward Metz.
  • The Peregrine Fund In 1995, Peregrine Fund biologists re-discovered the Madagascar Serpent-Eagle and the Madagascar Red Owl after their not having been seen for 60 years and 30 years, respectively! The Peregrine Fund has a Madagascar Program with major projects in Madagascar.
  • World Wildlife Fund The WWF often has various projects going on in Madagascar. Check out the web pages of the international WWF headquarters as well as the U.S. chapter of WWF.
  • IUCN (The World Conservation Union) This is the principle international conservation organization with headquarters in Switzerland. It has both nations and conservation groups as members. It is particularly relevant to lemur conservation because the IUCN's 1996 Red List of Threatened Animals.
  • U.S. Peace Corps - Madagascar Program
  • Volunteers in Technical Assistance, a U.S. based group has a Madagascar Integrated Conservation Development Project focusing on protecting biodiversity in the Andasibe-Mantadia Protected Area.
  • Azafady is a charitable organisation, established in 1994 and working since then on a combination of environmental and humanitarian projects in Madagascar, based in the southern regional centre of Fort Dauphin
Madagascar Links
Other Primate and Rainforest Conservation Organizations
  • Rainforest Action Network Rainforest Action Network works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and nonviolent direct action. RAN works with environmental and human rights groups in 60 countries, sharing information and coordinating the U.S. sector's role in worldwide campaigns to protect the rainforests and their inhabitants.
  • Center for Environmental Research and Conservation Preparing the next generation of environmental leaders through education, training and research.
  • Organization for Tropical Studies OTS is a not-for-profit consortium of more than 50 universities and research institutions in the United States and Latin America dedicated to providing leadership in education, research, and the wise use of natural resources in the tropics. To this end, OTS maintains three field sites in Costa Rica : La Selva Biological Station, located in the Atlantic lowlands and recognized internationally as one of the premier facilities for rain forest research; Palo Verde Field Station, situated in the northern Pacific lowlands and known for its deciduous dry forest and freshwater marsh; and Las Cruces Biological Station, Wilson Botanical Garden, on Costa Rica's southern Pacific slopes, noted for its extensive collection of palms, bromeliads, and endangered plants from Costa Rica and elsewhere and its mosaic of fragmented premontane rain forests.
  • Zoo Web -Your direct link to zoos and aquariums in cyberspace.
Lemurs in the news
  •  PBS-Nova Research scientist Eleanor Sterling spent almost two years stumbling through the dark forests of Madagascar in an effort to better understand the aye-eye, perhaps one of the most endangered species on the planet.  
Pictures of Lemurs & other Primates and Misc links
  • DUPC's Primate Gallery which has great pictures and discussions about:
  • AZA Madagascar Fauna Group's Lemur Gallery
  • Stanford Lemur Gallery from the Washington University in St. Louis
  • Godric's Lemur Sights and Sounds. This site not only has some photos, it also has audio recordings of indri howls and brown lemur grunts that you can play with common browser plug-ins!
  • The Primate Info Net collection of Primate Images
  • A very interesting site is devoted to the Slender Loris (Loris tardigradus ssp.), a small-bodied nocturnal prosimian primate, one of the least known of extant primate species. The purpose of this homepage is to give a brief, and perhaps too simplified, description of the habits, habitats, and other available information including husbandry advice, regarding this shy and cryptic species.
  • Forest of the World(FOW) is dedicated to the development of products and services that promote education, conservation and sustainable development. FOW works closely with conservation and development organizations, ensuring that products and programs protect biodiversity and profits are kept local. In addition, a percentage of revenues generated from the sale of our products supports research, education and conservation projects around the world. Five percent of gross of the Madagascar Arts product line is given to the Primate Center at Duke University, home to the largest collection of lemurs outside of Madagascar, and is used to support their in-country research, education and conservation projects.
  • Lemur Dolls is another commercial site devoted to Lemurs that offers several unique lemur related items.
Mostly for Kids:
  • Project Tamarin The Cotton-top Tamarin Conservation Project.
  • WWF's Kids & Teachers Project Site set up by the World Wildlife Fund
  • Kids Action at the Rainforest Action Network is full of interesting things for kids, including a kid's art gallery
  • Wild Ones A part of the Wildlife Preservation Trust International. Follow Tammy the Tamarin on her trip around the world.
  • The Riparian Forest is a good site from the American River Natural History Association in Carmichael, Ca.
Convervation Projects
  • Betampona Ruffed Lemur Restocking Project - Project Report On 17 October 1997, the Madagascar Fauna Group's long-planned black and white ruffed lemur restocking project began in earnest when five captive-born lemurs left Duke University Primate Center for the Betampona Natural Reserve in Madagascar.
    The lemur restocking project is the centerpiece of a larger conservation program for Betampona, which includes increased protection and management of not only the ruffed lemurs, but also spectacular frogs, fish, lemurs, lizards, insects and plants.
  • Ivoloina Environmental Information Centre The Environmental Education Programme at Ivoloina seeks to impart the gravity and urgency of Madagascar”s environmental and health problems to teachers, administrators, students and local people. Both formal and informal education methods are used, and initiatives are focused through existing organisations to ensure continuity and applicability.
  • Madagascar Project (Peregrine Fund) Like many developing nations, Madagascar is faced with the problem of how to conserve it's precious natural resources while accommodating the needs of its growing human population. The Peregrine Fund is helping the Malagasy Government and local people solve this problem by creating two new protected areas.
Selected Madagascar Web Sites Conservation Organizations
  • Conservation International, lead by Russell Mittermier, is actively involved in many aspects of conservation in Madagascar. Two of their more outstanding accomplishments are the development of debt-for-nature swaps and the recent publication of the excellent Lemurs of Madagascar field guide.
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust The mission of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is to save animals from extinction. They establish Species Recovery Programmes to save some of the world's most endangered animals.
  • Wildlife Preservation Trust International conserves threatened species and their habitats in partnership with local scientists and educators around the world.
  • Missouri Bontanical Garden The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the more active groups engaged in conservation efforts in Madagascar. It's Web site has an excellent review of Madagascar vegetation.
  • U.S. Peace Corps - Madagascar Program Education Volunteers in Madagascar help improve middle school English teaching skills by introducing and developing new techniques and teaching materials. Madagascar has several protected wildlife areas, and Volunteers provide training to improve conservation in these areas.
  • Volunteers in Technical Assistance Volunteers in Technical Assistance, a U.S. based group has a Madagascar Integrated Conservation Development Project focusing on protecting biodiversity in the Andasibe-Mantadia Protected Area.
Primates of Madagascar
  • primatis.de - das Primateninformationssystem enthält umfangreiche, detailreiche Informationen und Bilder zum Thema Primaten (Affen). Verweise auf nationale und internationale Angebote im World Wide Web sowie eine umfangreiche Literaturliste runden dieses Website ab.
  • MFG Lemur Gallery Photos of a variety of Madagascar primates, from Aye-ayes to Sifakas, are available in this new online resource. Stephen Nash has generously contributed his excellent lemur drawings and photographers from the Duke University Primate Center have provided many photos to this evolving archive.
Primate Resources
  • Animal Info Information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals, excellent site!
  • American Society of Primatologists The American Society of Primatologists is an educational and scientific society that aims to understand better our nonhuman primate cousins, and to facilitate information exchange about them. Living Primate Species
  • A list of the 233 living primate species including links to color images. Primate Gallery
  • An excellent resource for primate images, including information on the distribution and status of primates in the wild. Primate Info Net
  • Primate Info Net (PIN) is a WWW site for people with an interest in the field of primatology. PIN is maintained by the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This site is the best source of primate information on the Internet. Primate Information Center
  • The Primate Information Center (PIC) is the world's premier indexing service for scientific literature on all aspects of nonhuman primate research. Established in the early 1960s to assist the scientific community in accessing bibliographic information on nonhuman primate research. Primate Links
  • An extensive list of primate Web sites including links to primate images, sounds, and information.
Zoo Organizations
  • AZA American Zoo and Aquarium Association
  • Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos The Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos (C.A.U.Z.) is an international network of scientists and educators in universities, zoos, aquariums, conservation organizations, and governmental agencies who are dedicated to worldwide conservation.