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Means of communication

-Auditory signals
See tab 'Multimedia' of Allocebus trichotis in the 'Species' module for all sounds with sonagrams.

Squeals are not frequent; however we could define contact calls, connection calls and aggressive calls (Albignac et al., 1991).

Rakotoarison et al., 1996 reports that nothing is known upon the social and communication behavior . They recorded attention calls of two animals in Parc Botanique et Zoologique de Tsimbazaza analysis of computer spectography are presented in their article.
The call structure of the short whistle series is harmonic and similar to that of Mirza ssp. and Microcebus ssp. and quite distinct to Phaner, a trend implying closer affinities to the Microcebus/Mirza than to the Phaner clade.

A.t. attention calls, A.t. attention calls.sona
A.t. attention calls 2, A.t. attention calls 2.sona
A.t. attention calls 3, A.t. attention calls 3.sona

-Olfactory signals
Concerning olfactory communication, no particular glandular marking behavior has been observed.